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By Michele Rak, Carmela Lombardi

The 2002 Watch Project aims at identifying the complexities of the education and development of youngsters, which continues to revolve on reading and sees the competition of other media, such as television and the Internet.
The paper describes the education and development of young Europeans which for over twenty years has no longer followed the directive of school education and reading of books.
The project observes the new literary genres and forms of leisure and knowledge generated by the media culture; the media culture first appeared in European countries at the beginning of the 1980s.
Reconstructing the quantity and types of factually accessed fiction is needed to decode the use and function of the novel genre. The novel system on which group is working is a subsection of current narrative system in European countries of the new Millennium.


Internet as a source of information, culture and aggregation
by Michele Rak e Carmela Lombardi.

Tools of the 2002 survey include::...; Method: background; Literature in the media culture; Novels, education, identity; Where are books found?; Literature and art; The reading habits of young europeans and the use of internet as a source ofinformation, culture and aggregation; Questionnaire; Answer to the questionnaire; Education as national school policy and personal development; Projection; Content projection; Conclusion.

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Studies on reading
by Michela Mancini.
1. The rhetorical perspective; 2. Phenomenology and Semiotics; 3. The reader: collaboration and conflict; 4. Deconstruction; 4. 1. Tradition and Reading; 4. 2. “Creation” and “Imagination”; 5. Cultural Studies; 5.1. Culture as “reflection theory”; 6. The sociology of literature; 6. 1. The publishing system; 7. The psychology of reading; 8. Reader and images; 8. 1. Just a book culture?; 8. 2. The cultural context; Bibliography.

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EBook: standards and metadata
by Damiana Luzzi.
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