Collège Européen des Traducteurs Littéraires de Seneffe  web

European Centre for Literary Translation

With the support of the French-speaking community in Belgium, the French Commission and the European Union.
Under the aegis and on the premises of the Advanced Institute of Translators and Interpreters of the French-Speaking Community

Post-university training cycle of literary translation
Seminars and Workshops run by leading experts
Courses with differentiated timetables
Françoise Wuilmart

Centre européen deTraduction Littéraire

C.T.L.S. offers a unique formula for anyone wishing to train as a literary translator.

It is the first post-university training centre which focuses on the practical aspects of the work. The strong points of the Cycle are the seminars and workshops run by top literary translators. A number of more theoretical general courses and workshops to stimulate French-language writing skills will round off the training cycle.
Moreover, the course represents a platform for exchanges with the professional world of literary translation and publishing. Readers from a number of publishers have joined the final exam jury which assesses the reports (an original translation). C.T.L.S. is a nursery from which Publishers and cultural organisations can select talent, which are then guided and perfected by professional writers.

The cycle will run for two years, from January to December.
The Workshops and Courses will be held at weekends, approximately two or three times a month. The course will comply with all school holidays.
Institut Suprieur de Traducteurs et Interpr tes de la Communaut française de Belgique (I.S.T.I.)
34, rue Joseph Hazard 1180 Bruxelles (Uccle)