EKEMEL - European Center for the Translation of Literature and the Human Science

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EKEMEL is a civil-law, non-profit organisation, operating with the support of the National Book Centre of Greece.
Commencement date: 3 September 2001
The European Center for the Translation of Literature and the Human Sciences (EKEMEL) has as its aim to effect a closer contact between Greek and foreign literatures, through numerous and diverse activities.


for literary translation, with the emphasis on improving translation practice; a nursery for translators from which publishers and professionals in the field will be able to recruit the talented translators of tomorrow.

appropriately equipped for supporting the translator's task (library, website, technological aids to translation, data banks).

for all those connected with the translation process (writers, translators, publishers) through a series of events, seminars and lectures.

- Seamus HEANEY, poet, translator, Nobel laureate
- Pedro BÁDENAS DE LA PEÑA, translator, professor at the National Research Foundation of Spain
- Jacques BOUCHARD, translator, professor of modern Greek literature at the University of Montreal, member of the Canadian Academy
- Pierre BOURDIEU, sociologist, professor at the Collège de France
- Barbara CASSIN, philosopher, Director of Research at the CNRS
- John CHIOLES, author, translator, professor at NYU New York University
- Danae COULMAS, writer and translator
- Luis Alberto DE CUENCA, poet, Spanish Deputy Minister for Culture
- Michel DEGUY, philosopher, poet, director of the journal Poésie
- Jacques DERRIDA, philosopher, professor at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (E.H.E.S.S.)
- Stratis HAVIARAS, author, editor of the Harvard Poetry Review
- Iakovos KAMBANELLIS, playwright, member of the Athens Academy
- Edmund KEELEY, author and translator
- Ulf-Dieter KLEMM, diplomat, columnist and translator
- Michael KRÜGER, poet, director of Hanser and Zsolnay Publishers
- Titos PATRIKIOS, poet and translator
- Chryssa PROKOPAKI, author and translator
- Kosmas PSYCHOPEDIS, professor at the University of Athens
- Joachim SARTORIUS, poet and translator, art director Berliner Festspiele GmbH
- Yorgos VELTSOS, writer, professor at the Panteion University
- Yerassimos VOKOS, professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Director: Catherine Vélissaris

Advisors: David Connolly on English issues
Andrea Schellinger on German issues
Vicente Fernández González on Spanish issues
Department of English: Aris Berlis
Department of French: Andreas Staïkos
Department of German: Christos Asteriou
Department of Philosophy and the Human Sciences: Panayotis Poulos


One of EKEMEL's fundamental aims is to nurture a new generation of translators and to help improve the quality of literary translations and of texts relating to the Human Sciences. The courses give particular emphasis to translation practice and to the transmission of experience by established translators.

EKEMEL runs workshops for translation in both directions from three languages: English, French and German, with provision soon to be made for Spanish and other European languages. In addition to the translation of literature, a separate workshop deals with the problems of translation in the field of the Human Sciences.

Two years, with two semesters each year.
First Year (10 contact hours per week): Literary translation, Translation of texts dealing with the Human Sciences, History of Literature, Introduction to Information Technology, Monthly Seminars.
Second Year (8 contact hours per week): Literary translation, Translation of philosophical texts and texts dealing with the Human Sciences, Introduction to the History and Theory of Translation, Drama translation.

Students wishing to be admitted to the courses are required to provide proof of their linguistic competence by means of a written examination. The Certificate of Studies is awarded following attendance of the four semesters and the successful completion of an extended literary translation or translation from the field of the Human Sciences.