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Translating Ireland to the World

The establishment of ILE in 1994 inaugurated an exciting new phase in the promotion of Irish literature. ILE works to increase the international readership of Ireland's contemporary literature in translation. Working in cooperation with the international publishing industry, ILE provides financial support for the translation of the literature of Ireland to foreign languages. To date, the agency has facilitated the translation of more than 350 Irish literary works to 30 languages in a geographical spread extending from China to Argentina. In addition to its role in the area of translation grant-aid, ILE also acts as an information centre for publishers, translators, academics and other groups interested in Irish writers.

ILE is conscious of the generous vision of its funders in recognising the importance of making Irish literature available to readers around the world. Over the coming years, the agency will continue to pursue a dynamic and innovative approach to maximising translation opportunities for Ireland's literature. ILE is convinced that Irish literature constitutes a product of great artistic and intellectual integrity and the agency looks forward to many years of promoting a cultural asset which enhances Ireland's name internationally and which adds to the diversity of the world's cultural riches at a time of increased global homogenisation.

Funds and Information for the translation of the Literature of Ireland
Ireland Literature Exchange/Idirmhalart·n LitrÌocht …ireann is supported by the Arts Councils in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland, by the Cultural Relations Committee of the Department of Foreign Affairs and by Bord na Leabhar Gaeilge. ILE aims to increase the readership of the literature of Ireland, primarily through translation, in international markets.

Financial assistance for translations
Working in cooperation with the publishing industry, our primary role is the provision of financial support for the translation of the literature of Ireland into other languages. ILE provides financial assistance towards the translation of Irish Literature from both the English and Irish languages. We welcome applications from publishers, and details are set out here.

Centre of Information
In addition to its role in the area of translation, ILE also acts as an information centre for Irish and foreign publishers. We are establishing a data-base on the Irish book world, which includes information on writers, translators and publishers. ILE also has a presence at major international book fairs.