ÖBW - Austrian Library Organisation

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Overview of the general activities and ambitions:
The Austrian Library Organisation (Österreichisches BibliotheksWerk ÖBW) concentrates its activities on consulting, supporting and representing about 1000 public libraries all over Austria as well as training around 5000 mainly honorary librarians.

The Austrian Library Organisation issues the most extensive Austrian book review magazine (5 issues with around 2000 reviews annually). The ÖBW's homepage "www.biblio.at" offers people globally access to the world of libraries and books ( i.e. literature data bank "rezensionen-online"), gives impulses (for example with projects like "library quiz in cyberspace") and fosters communication (mailing lists).

For years the ÖBW has been leading Austrian-wide projects to transmit literature and to promote reading. Some of the recent projects: "Reading against Violence", "Growing with Books", "The manifold fifteen: Europe in the Library"...

The ÖBW co-operates regularly and closely with institutions in Germany and Italy, especially the German speaking Southern Tyrol, and intensifies its contact to institutions in other European countries. These contacts were greatly reinforced with the set-up of the homepage "www.biblio.at" which is a big success (550 000 entries within 20 months).

The ÖBW contributes with its supportive measures and projects to supply public libraries with hard- and software and thus to make them into "digital libraries" which live up to the demands of modern society.