N.5 - november 2002/april 2003
Periodico d'informazione per la promozione del libro, della lettura e della traduzione.

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- Salamanca European Capital of Culture 2002
- Scrivere web: Webmania
- Prix Grinzane Cavour – Deux Océans

Salamanca European Capital of Culture 2002

On 8 November 2002, as part of the events planned in Spain to celebrate "Salamanca: European Capital of Culture 2002", the University of Salamanca and the Premio Grinzane Cavour held a series of encounters with writers and readers on the theme "Literary Italy: contemporary writers compared".
The following writers were invited to speak: Arnaldo Colasanti, Raffaele Crovi, Gianni Farinetti, Raffaele Nigro, Romana Petri. The discussion was led by: Sergio Buonadonna (Il Secolo XIX, Genoa) and Vicente González Martín (University of Salamanca).

Scrivere web: Webmania

The Premio Grinzane Cavour and the City of Turin in collaboration with Telecom Italia, La Stampa Web and with the patronage of the European Union launched the first event of this international project "Scrivere: Webmania". The event will be broken down into three parts:
- European contest
- Workshop organized by the Rete Grinzane Europa with the participation of Österreichisches Bibliotheks Werk (Austria) and Centre National de Littérature (Luxembourg), partners who have launched a multimedia communication program (to be held in May at the same time as the Turin Book Fair);
- Discussion on new languages.

The initiative, dedicated to young people, aims to explore the relationship between young people and the languages of new technology and to promote the role of the Web as an engine of change in communication.

Prix Grinzane Cavour – Deux Océans

On 4 October, in Biarritz (France), the "Prix Grinzane Cavour – Deux Océans" was awarded, dedicated to the promotion of Latin American literature in France. The fourth edition awarded the Brazilian writer João Ubaldo Ribeiro. The prizes of the first editions were awarded to Mexican writer Carlos Fuente, Chilean writer Alejandro Jodorowsky (in 1999), and Mexican writer Jorge Volpi (in 2000).